Why the LUISS Part-time MBA

A unique chance to make a significant change on your career path.

Our goal is to build successful professional managers and entrepreneurs able to move freely with determination in today’s competitive scenario.

Problem Based Learning

elemento_why_problem_based_learningTeaching methods are tailored to reach the course goals. Professors take a pragmatic learning approach aimed at fostering peer-to-peer involvement and interaction through seminars, role-playing, case studies, business games, team exercises, conferences and projects.

Power Of Diversity

elemento_why_problem_based_learningWe embrace and encourage diversity in teaching and learning. A multicultural classroom gives a great value to the programme and represents a unique chance to learn through the continuous exchange of heterogeneous experiences and diversified skills.

Business Community

elemento_why_problem_based_learningThanks to the connection with Confindustria - the main organisation representing Italian manufacturing and services companies - the course benefits from a job network with over 2000 firms and high qualified professionals who take part into the course through workshops, conferences, meetings and top-class testimonials. Moreover, the MBA Alumni Association is a lifelong network driven by an entrepreneurial mind-set, which organises a series of initiatives to build up contacts, maintain relationships with alumni, create professional relationships and propose career opportunities.


elemento_why_problem_based_learningThere is no place like Rome. The city is a cultural melting pot. Its historic centre is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and welcomes about 12 million visitors per year from all over the world. Rome is the capital of the Country and seat of the Government, plus an inspiring city and a business hub open to networking.

Flexible Curricula

elemento_why_problem_based_learning In order to enrich their curricula, students select and develop topics ranging from country to country to industry-specific knowledge.

Learning laboratories

Learning laboratories Through structured learning labs that include training sessions, live cases and knowledge-sharing events, students are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes to engage, lead and innovate in a global business context. The labs allow students to face real problems, work in teams and propose real solutions to business related issues.

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