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The Part-Time MBA Programme will start in March 2018.

The International MBA programme is 22 months long. The PT programme fits the working lifestyle, classes meet every other Friday (afternoon) and Saturday (all day) including 14 long weekends, Thursday (afternoon), Friday and Saturday (all day).

Students begin with the core courses and then train their technical and soft-skills throughout dynamic LABs. Finally, they choose an industry focus, in order to develop a more flexible curriculum and carry out a final project.

Throughout the year students are involved in many activities, projects and competitions such as AdVenture, Social Impact and Soft Skills Lab.

The Part-Time MBA Programme is taught in English.

During the last months of the programme, candidates use their business and management knowledge to carry out their final field project in a functional or entrepreneurial area.

Yes. The Part-Time MBA students participate in internationally oriented activities throughout the year that provide insight into global markets and trends. Students seeking academic, cultural and social experiences overseas can study abroad through the LUISS Business School International Exchange Programme spending a period abroad in one of our partner Business Schools. Further information about the International activities.

Selection process and requirements

The Part-Time MBA Programme starts every year in March. Application and selection processes open in June.

Selection process for the 2017 Part-Time MBA Programme is currently open. Find out the next admission test date..

Admission requirements are to have at least an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree and to pass the LUISS admission tests and interviews.

Documents to be sent at least 1 week prior the selection date are the following:

  • Fully-completed application form .
  • CV
  • Digital ID photo
  • Copy of University Degree Certificate or Transcripts
  • Copy of passport or ID document
  • Admission fee receipt: EUR 105 admission fee (non refundable)

To apply for the admission test it is required to send an official document that proves that you have completed the university education. If you have any problem, in obtaining the documents, you can write and sign a self-certification (indicating the name of the university, the title of the Degree and the date you graduated). Please note that in case of enrolment, students must provide the Diploma Supplement or Declaration of Value.

Non-Italian applicants must provide the Diploma Supplement or Declaration of Value once they enrol in the programme.

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is issued in a widely spoken European language, is given automatically and is free of charge to every student upon graduation.

The Declaration of Value is issued by the Italian Diplomatic Representation in the country in which the qualification was issued. It is a an information document describing the qualification awarded to a given person by an institution belonging to an education system other than the Italian system. It is used by the competent University offices to assess the qualification for the purposes of admission to a degree programme or for the recognition of the foreign qualification.

It generally contains the following information:

  • legal status and nature of the issuing institution;
  • access requirements for the programme leading to the qualification;
  • legal duration of the study programme and/or overall commitment required of the student in terms of credits or hours;
  • value of the qualification in the system/country it was issued by, for academic and/or professional purposes.

You have to send the required documents by email to mba23@luiss.it at least one week before the selection date.

The upcoming selection date is published here In order to guarantee a personalised attention to our students, we try to keep the size of the classroom small. Since we have a limited number of places available, we recommend students to apply as soon as possible starting from June.

All documents of the application should be submitted in English or in Italian. Sworn translations should also be provided along with degree certificates that are not in English or Italian.

The selection date is the date in which the admission tests and interviews are hold. The upcoming selection date is published here

The selection process consists of English and Logic tests, and personal interviews to evaluate the candidate’s motivation, work experience, and perspectives.

The selection process evaluates the candidates’ motivation, work experience, and perspectives. It helps to confirm that the student has a profile that will allow him/her to successfully follow the courses and make sure that his/her future career will benefit from the MBA.

No. There is not an online application process. Applications should be submitted by email to mba23@luiss.it.

Yes. There is an admission fee of 105 EUR needed to apply for admission test. The copy of the receipt of payment is needed to complete the student’s dossier and to be able to proceed with the selection tests and interviews. The admission fee is not refundable and it cannot be paid after the selection process.

Yes. Tests and interviews are part of the selection process and mandatory for all the applicants to the Part-Time MBA Programme.

We require a good level of English to be able to follow the courses, communicate in the classroom and between the students and to work.

English level should be B2+/C1 following the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, or a TOEFL iBT score of 100+, or an IELTS score of 7+.

Candidates meeting one of the following requirements could be exempted from the English test:

  • Candidates whose mother tongue is English
  • Candidates with a TOEFL IBT score of 100+
  • Candidates with a IELTS score of 7+

In principle, all candidates will be invited to complete the English test. However, candidates meeting one of the following requirements could be exempted from the English test:

  • Candidates whose mother tongue is English
  • Candidates with a TOEFL IBT score of 100+
  • Candidates with a IELTS score of 7+

Candidates with a TOEFL iBT score of 100+ or with a IELTS score of 7+ can be exempted from the English test.

We accept only valid scores. Both TOEFL iBT and IELTS scores are valid for two years after the test date.

No. TOEFL or IELTS certificates are not mandatory since LUISS Business School provides its own English test. Candidates with a TOEFL iBT score of 100+ or with a IELTS score of 7+ can be exempted from the English test.

TOEFL and IELTS are the two English certificates accepted by LUISS Business School. Candidates with a TOEFL iBT score of 100+ or with a IELTS score of 7+ can be exempted from the English test. Candidates with lower scores will be invited to take the LUISS English test.

Candidates with a GMAT score of 600+, or equivalent GRE, can be exempted from the logics test.

No. GMAT or GRE are not mandatory to apply for the programme. Applicants with valid GRE/GMAT scores are invited to provide the certificate to be exempted from the logic test.

To take your GMAT test you should get all information of where and how to take it in your city, country or region.

Yes. GRE score are accepted provided that they are equivalent to a GMAT score of 600+ to be exempted from the logic test. There is not a direct correspondence between GRE and GMAT and equivalences will be done by the selection committee. GRE is not mandatory to apply for the admission test.

Letters of reference are not mandatory. In the application form applicants will be asked to provide the contact information of two references that could be contacted by LUISS Business School.

Yes. LUISS MBA is designed to allow students from all academic backgrounds to acquire the skills and competences of a high quality business education. Candidates from all academic backgrounds are welcome to apply.

No. Applicants admitted are not considered immediately enrolled. After the admission, students must communicate their enrollment within a deadline. In order to confirm enrollment students must sign the Policies & Rules and pay the first installment of 9,000 EUR within the deadline.

About LUISS Business School

MBA Programme represents a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth as well as for expanding the professional network. The course benefits from the input of a network of over 2000 firms, actively involved in the Programme through workshops, conferences and meetings.

The whole LUISS MBA Programme is structured to promote entrepreneurship. There are some renowned LUISS initiatives in this respect, such as the AdVenture and the Social Impact initiative.

LUISS Business School campus is located in the heart of Rome, Italy, at Viale Pola, 12. PC 00198. The campus is near two of the most beautiful parks of the city, and it is easily reachable by public transport.

CASA LUISS is the real state service of the University and it helps students to find suitable accommodation. The service is free for LUISS Business School students.

Living expenses will depend on each student needs. The MBA Staff has calculated the average expenses for students who choose to live close to the LUISS Campus, which is located in the center of Rome.

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After the Part-Time MBA

The Career Service is an asset of the Part-Time MBA programme. It is the primary link between the job market and participants.

It guides and supports participants:

  • Helping them to choose a suitable career path
  • Increasing their positive impact on Business
  • Enabling participants to bring more value as team members and as leaders

The Career Service can be contacted from the beginning of the Part-Time MBA Programme.

Tuition fees, funding and scholarships

Tuition fees are 27,000 EUR for the whole programme.

Tuition fees are paid in three Instalment:

  • 1st instalment: 9,000
  • 2nd installment: 9,000 EUR by June 30, 2017
  • 3rd installment: 9,000 EUR by January 30, 2018.

Tuition fees are to be paid by bank transfer. Bank details can be found here

Yes. Tuition fees are paid in three instalment:

  • 1st instalment: 9,000 EUR
  • 2nd installment: 9,000 EUR by June 30, 2017
  • 3rd installment: 9,000 EUR by January 30, 2018.

All fees are payable via bank transfer. Proofs of payment must be sent by email to: mba23@luiss.it

Bank Account Details

ACCOUNT HOLDER: LUISS Guido Carli – Divisione LUISS Business School
BANK: Unicredit S.p.A. Agenzia n. 274 – Viale Gorizia, 21 – 00198 Rome.
ACCOUNT N°: 000400000917
IBAN: IT 17 H020 0805 0770 0040 0000917
BIC/SWIFT: uncritm1c27
ABI: 02008
CAB: 05077
ENTE: 9001974

Practical questions non-EU students

After admission in the International MBA Programme, the Secretary Office of the MBA will guide you and help you to obtain your student visa. The student visa will be valid for the whole duration of the Part-Time MBA Programme. Students can always contact the Secretary Office for specific requests.

Direct family members (wife, husband and children) related to the student registered in the International MBA will be able to accompany the student to Italy through a process called “ricongiungimento familiare.” The student should apply by his/herself for that procedure but will be supported by the Secretary Office of the MBA.

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