Starting in November, the course combines theoric and practical class activities, hands on seminars and activities and an out-of-the-class field project.

Students begin with the core courses and then train their technical and soft-skills throughout dynamic LABs. Finally, they choose an industry focus, in order to develop a more flexible curriculum and carry out a final project.

Starting in March, the programme is designed for professionals who want to change their current career perspectives without sacrificing their work and life commitments.

Programme Overview

The course is structured as follows:

The core areas include courses designed to develop conceptual, analytical, and planning tools as well as techniques and methodologies needed to take a systematic approach in order to understand and solve complex business and management problems.

The courses belong to the following disciplinary core areas:

  • Accounting and Control
  • Business Law
  • Corporate and Investment Banking
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Innovation
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Design
  • Operations Management
  • Strategy

In order to enrich their curricula, students select and develop topics focusing on a specific industry.


ADVENTUREThis Lab is designed to provide students with skills and knowledge required to create and manage new ventures and business ideas. Candidates have the chance to be actively involved in developing an entrepreneurial project proposed by established companies that may ask for concrete solutions to their needs, or by startups that require students to develop projects in order to expand their business prospects. Students may also propose and pursue their own business ideas.

Further information about ADVENTURE.

Soft Skills Lab

ADVENTUREThrough the activities of this lab, students build up managerial, relational and entrepreneurial skills that are crucial to achieve outstanding performance in the working context. Soft Skills are an inestimable strength for professionals, they perfect people’s interaction and enhance the job performance.

Social Impact Lab

Social ImpactThis lab is intended to provide students with cultural knowledge and social awareness through a teamwork competition to find the best solution to a real ethic and social issue. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with social entrepreneurs and NGOs and learn from them.

Going Global

Going GlobalThe Part-Time MBA students participate in internationally oriented activities throughout the year that provide insights into global markets and trends. The students seeking academic, cultural, and social experiences overseas can study abroad through our International Exchange Programme, spending a term abroad at one of our partner schools.

Further information about Going Global.

Time Management Lab

Time Management LabThe digitization of many activities, the interdependence of the tasks and the hyper-connectivity offered by modern technologies enhance the relevance of time management skills, both for managers and employees. Within such a contest, this lab aims at helping students to set priorities, both in normal and challenging conditions, to effectively focus on their core activities and to adequately manage the workload.

Digital Skills

Digital Skills LabThrough this lab students will learn to adequately expertise and define more effective strategies, create better communication and marketing actions and finally achieve greater productivity. With the right tools to endorse and enhance digital literacy. They will also master analytics to improve methods or websites in order to better expose their business in the digital world successfully.

Project Management Lab

Project Management LabWithin this lab students depend their knowledge in the definition of Project Management standards and processes, start-ups, organizational planning for project based business. They focus on the current organization and assesses it in accordance of the project portfolio to be reached. Students also concentrate on the change management procedures that are involved in all projects.

FINAL Project

During the last year of the programme, students use their business and management knowledge to carry out their project in a functional or entrepreneurial area. They develop their ideas into a business plan supported by the MBA Faculty. The most interesting projects are presented to business angels, seed financers, and venture capitalists.

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