Career Service

The Career service offers career planning, counselling and training. It supports students to define their career goals.

The Career Service offers planning, counselling, and training

The Career Service is an essential aspect of the Part-Time MBA programme. It is the primary link between the job market and the participants.

Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development Programme

It is a long term programme designed to provide students with soft skills training to develop a distinctive leadership style and boost their career progress It consists of:

Leadership Questionnaire:
Offers a detailed profile of the personal leadership style and its distinctive elements.
Participants become more aware about their leaderships style and are offered key actions for improvement.
Ultimately this assessment helps to enhance effectiveness in leaderships and impacts performance.

Individual Coaching:
Each participant is individually coached to assess his/her current abilities and expectations and to design a tailor-made development plan.

Soft Skills Training Plan:

  • Effective Oral Presentation
  • Leadership
  • People Management
  • Team Building /Team Working
  • Decision Making
  • Innovation
  • Negotiation

Follow up meetings are organised at specific dates to assess the improvement process after the training sessions.

Career Counselling

individual_counsellingThe Career Service helps participants to assess their professional expectations based on their skills, aptitudes and aspirations.

Tailored career support and CV advice
Participants are supported in defining their career path. CV checks and mock interviews are some of the initiatives offered to better prepare for success.
Individual meetings with the Career Service are organised with each participant.

Job Market Scouting
It helps participants to identify the best opportunities for professional development, ensuring an effective job matching between their professional profiles and the job market.

Company Presentations

company presentationThese activities offer students the chance to meet companies and to learn about the industries in which they operate, with particular reference to their corporate culture, values and needs.
It is an interesting opportunity for participants to go depth through the structure and business challenges of some of the most important Italian and international companies.

Interview Simulations

interviewStudents participate in mock job interviews in order to improve their self-presentation skills

Final Project


During the last months of the programme, students use their business and management knowledge to carry out their final field project in a functional or entrepreneurial area.

MBA Reloading

mba-reloadingIt is a post-MBA Activity dedicated to the MBA Alumni. A series of on-campus seminars are held by key managers on topics like finance, marketing, strategy, internationalisation, HR skills and geopolitics scenario.

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